(22nd July) IPO Day: Ocean Vantage & TCS Group

Two is better than one!

Our IPO Day Campaign is back and we’re offering X2 RT Points for 2 companies debuting on Bursa Malaysia. Ocean Vantage lists July 22  and TCS Group on July 23!

That means it’ll be a double IPO (Increased Point Offering) Day for all RT clients!!

Successfully trade (Buy/Sell) OVH (0220) or TCS (0221) via our platform from 22 to 29 July 2020, will earn X2 RT points equivalent to RM1 brokerage = 1 RT point.

So login from the 22nd and get ready to TRADE, TRADE, TRADE!

Be advised that this is for trading of OVH (0220) and TCS (0221) shares on their listing day and is NOT an IPO subscription campaign. T&C Apply