AAPL Stock Giveaway

RM 10 Brokerage Rebate* + 0.1 AAPL* Share

Start creating your wealth pie. Add shares from different markets, sectors based on your risk appetite. It’s now more affordable than ever before.

With Rakuten Trade, you can trade U.S. stocks in fractions from as small as 0.01 units and brokerage fees from RM1 / USD1.88. You can trade in a fraction or in whole units.

Here’s your chance to own stake in FAMILIAR U.S. companies like Apple, Google, Tesla and for a limited time, you’ll be automatically win 0.1 AAPL stock* on your debut U.S. trade . Join now so you don’t miss getting a slice of the “Pie”.  

How To Claim Your 0.1 AAPL share*? See below:

If you're a new customers:

  1. Sign up for a Cash Upfront account and activate US account.
  2. Once US account is activated, perform your 1st matched trade on NYSE/NASDAQ.
  3. And that’s it! Just wait for your 0.1 AAPL stock to be in your account.

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If you're existing clients, all you need to do is trade U.S. markets for the 1st time and you'll be eligible for 0.1 AAPL Share*.

Start Trading Today

Want to gather a “Apple Pie” instead of a fraction pie? All you need to do is:

  1. Refer your friends with your referral code – you’ll get a RM 10 brokerage rebate* on this when your friend successfully activated a CDS account. 
  2. When your friend activates his US Account and trade on the US markets, you’ll qualify for another 0.1 AAPL Share*! 

Refer Your Friend

No maximum number of times you can claim your “pie”. Collect your AAPL shares today! Campaign till end June 2023.

Want to know more on US Fractional Share Trading? You may refer to the following:

We’re giving FREE access to U.S. real-time market feed. Protip: Don't forget to opt in! Powered by Cboe, log into your dashboard > Settings > Apply for real time US data feed. 

Be advised that the fractional tradeable share list is subject to change every quarter. Once a share is no longer available for fractional share trading, you will not be able to buy it in fractions and the fractional portion that you own will be sold/ liquidated on your behalf.

T&C Apply*