Listing Campaign: Mobilia Holdings Bhd

Mobilia Holdings Bhd (0229) is stepping onto the ACE market this 23 February 2021.

We’re celebrating their listing day with DOUBLE points. Successfully trade (Buy/Sell) MobiliaHB via our platform between 23 Feb to 1 March!

Mobilia is a home furniture manufacturer and designer and has been manufacturing wood-based furniture since 2010.

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Oversubscribed by 92 times at the time of listing, the Mobilia team are confident that the demand for home furniture will continue to increase globally.

"Furniture are an essential element for every home…we are optimistic about Mobilia’s growth for the years to come,” said its business management development manager Ervin Quek Yan Song (The EdgeMarkets, 3 Feb 2021)

Our campaign is locked and loaded so login from 23 Feb and TRADE, TRADE, TRADE!

Be advised that this is for trading of Mobilia HB (0229) shares on its listing day and is NOT an IPO subscription campaign. T&C Apply



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