8 November 2021 - 12 November 2021

Listing Day Campaign: ECOMATE HOLDINGS

Trade & Get 2X RT points!

ECOMATE HOLDINGS (0239) will step into Bursa Malaysia Ace Market  on 8 November.

To lighten their debut, we will give you 2X RT points when you trade ECOMATE HOLDINGS from 8 to 12 November.

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Step 1: Buy or Sell ECOMATE (0239) on Rakuten Trade from 8 to 12 November

Step 2: Ensure the trade is matched

Step 3: Congrats! You’ve earned DOUBLE RT points (Remember RT points are awarded based on the brokerage fee paid).


Core Business

IPO Price

Listing Date

2X RT Points Period


Furniture Manufacture & Exporter


8 Nov

8 - 12 Nov



Established in 2016, Ecomate is an export-oriented furniture producer based in Muar, Johor, focusing on the production of ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture products where it undertakes its own design, development production, as well as marketing and sales activities.  See our Webinar here.


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So don’t forget to successfully trade (Buy/Sell) ECOMATE HOLDINGS (0239) via our platform.

Be advised that this is for trading of ECOMATE HOLDINGS (0239) shares on its listing day and is NOT an IPO subscription campaign. T&C Apply



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