13 July 2021 - 3 August 2021

Listing Day campaign for 4 shares & 1 ETF

July is a Listing Campaign Bonanza Month!

There are 4 Shares and an ETF who are making their debut.



Trade any of our July debutants and you’ll receive 2X RT points from their day of listing to up to 5 days later!  Applicable for both BUY and SELL orders.

That means… the more times you trade our debutants, the more RT POINTS you’ll earn!  Then, use these RT points to offset your brokerage on your next trade or convert them into lifestyle rewards including e-wallet cash or on fuel.


Don’t know much about these companies? INTRODUCING OUR JULY DEBUTANTS


Here’s How You’ll earn more.

Step 1: Buy or Sell these counters on Rakuten Trade from 13 Jul to 3 Aug.

Step 2: Ensure the trade is matched

Step 3: Congrats! You’ve earned DOUBLE RT points (Remember RT points are awarded based on the brokerage fee paid).

Not yet a Rakuten Trade client? No problem, just click here to register.

So don’t forget to successfully trade (Buy/Sell) these counters via our platform.


Be advised that this is for trading of Ramssol (0236), Yenher (5300), CTOS (5301), Haily(0237) or  VP-DJ Shariah China A-Shares 100 ETF(0838EA)  shares on its listing day and is NOT an IPO subscription campaign. T&C Apply



A reminder that investing is risky and trading is at your own risk. We advise investors to:

(i) Read and understand the contents of the disclosure document or any relevant agreement or contract before investing;

(ii) Understand the risks involved in relation to the product or service;

(iii) Compare and consider the fees, charges, and costs involved; and

(iv) Make their own risk assessment and seek professional advice where necessary.