Open TWO Accounts & Trade (up to 1,100pts + brokerage rebate)

There are many more ways to earn Rakuten Trade (RT) points. You can earn RT points simply for opening an account with us. Open more than one to earn DOUBLE points!​

​Earn RT points when you deposit cash, when you transfer shares from other brokers, when you perform your 1st successfully matched trade for the 1st time and even after that whenever you trade!

You can earn up to 1,100 RT Points PLUS receive a brokerage rebate by simply completing your 1st set of successfully matched trades in 30 days*!​

Then convert them whenever you want into our affiliate partner points, completely online. Redeem point to point with BIG points, BonusLink points and/or Boost coins. 

​Super easy and definitely a win-win for you! So join the Rakuten Trade family and be on your way to earning your lifestyle points.​

*T&C Apply


Cash Deposit & Get Rewarded

Share Transfer-In Program

1st Trade & Brokerage Rebate