Rakuten Trade X NagaWarrants Challenge

“When you invest in Warrants or anything at all, invest in time to understand it.”

 - Isabelle Zhen, Kenanga Investment Bank NagaWarrants Issuer

You  might’ve noticed our brand-new webpage on Warrants and the ins and outs of Warrant trading. We’re excited to be making this fast-paced security more accessible to less experienced traders through education!

There’s no better way to learn something than to do it. So we’re sweetening the deal with this campaign!

Together with our friends at KIBB NagaWarrants, we’re offering DOUBLE RT Points when you trade any NagaWarrant and 5X RT Points when you trade any of the Warrants listed in our Top 10 Warrants list!*

NagaWarrants List

Top 10 Warrants

Not only that,  the trader with the highest Value Gained* from trading NagaWarrants during the campaign period will be the owner of a shiny new iPad Mini.

The campaign only lasts until 13 November, so start trading today!

Don’t know the first thing about Warrants? No problem! Check out our educational page about all things Warrants Right Here!

*Terms and conditions apply.