Ready, Set, Corporate Action Campaign

Campaign Period: 1 - 30 July 2021

Don’t be Shocked or Over-Excited!!

Corporate Action aka corporate exercise can be confusing whether you’re a savvy or beginner investor.

It can be super scary when you see the price of your stock drop by half after a ‘bonus issue’ or get your adrenalin pumping when the price goes up by 10x after a ‘share consolidation’ exercise.

Did you know that at Rakuten Trade, corporate actions are FREE? With the exception of share transfer outs…we don’t charge you anything! Participation is either automatic or requires an opt completely online.


Here’s just 3 simple steps (Ready, Set, Corporate ACTION) to get you all wrapped up to reap its rewards.

1.READY yourself with a simple explanation of various corporate actions available.

2.Check the corporate action stocks list → pick the counter you want to invest →  SET your target.

  • DIVIDEND list here.
  • Other CORPORATE ACTION list here.

3.Take ACTION by performing 3 trades on any corporate action stocks.


Congrats! You’ve earned a RM 7 brokerage rebate on your next trade.

Only till 30 July 2021!

*Terms and Conditions Apply.