Summer Share Transfer Campaign

This Summer share the gift of investing with your immediate family or simply treat yourself! And because we know how much you hate to choose… we aren’t making you!

Consolidate your holdings and spread the wealth with family during the Campaign period and we’ll rebate your RM10 share transfer fee each time!

The only catch is that both the sending and receiving account must be valid Rakuten Trade trading accounts.

Reward Yourself: Transfer shares to your Contra or Margin account from your Cash Upfront Account

Sharing Is Caring:  Transfer shares to your immediate family. This means your parents (by birth or legal adoption), siblings,  spouse,  children (by birth or legal adoption). Please email the legal certificate as proof of relationship (i.e: birth cert, wedding cert, etc)

Take advantage of this Campaign as it will run only from 18 May to 31 July 2020.

How To Transfer?

Please login to your dashboard and request transfer of shares at “My portfolio”, “Share Transfer” and proceed accordingly.

Also depending on the accuracy of evidence or volume of requests received, it will be processed as early as the same day or  with 36 hours.

Be advised that your rebate will be reflected in your account within 30 calendar days following the end of the campaign.

*Terms and conditions apply.


Don't know how to do a Share Transfer? Check out these easy tip sheets!