1 July 2022 - 19 August 2022

Trading Bonus Campaign

Campaign Period: 1 July to 19 Aug 2022


Get 5,000 RT Points* every month when your accumulative trading value hits RM500K!


For a limited time only, trade Bursa and U.S. stocks in ONE account at SAME low brokerage rates to earn additional 5,000 RT Points* (=RM 50 Brokerage Rebate)! The more you trade, the more rewards you get! Points earned can be used to offset brokerage fees for trades in next month.

Start Trading Today!


How to get started?

1.Login to your dashboard

2.Start trading either Bursa or U.S. markets.

3.By end of the month, total trading value of your trades must be minimum of RM 500K.

Activate U.S. Trading Service

Not yet activated your US trading service? Just logon to your dashboard / iSpeed.my app and click the FOREIGN MARKETS logo. Answer a few questions and in 5min.. You're done. Approval can take up to 3 days but that'll just give you time to figure out what you'd like to BUY!  Here's how to activate your US trading service.

Trading value refers to total gross investment amount of successful trades during Campaign Period. RT Points will be credited to your account within 45 days after campaign ends. *T&C Apply.