TWO Is Better Than ONE Promotion (EXPIRED)

Double the accounts, more than double the rewards!

Open both a Cash Upfront Account + a Contra Trading Account at the same time and you will be rewarded with RM10.00 PLUS an instant reward of your choosing. 

Choose from any one of our reward campaigns including up to 500 Rakuten Trade (RT) points…but choose only one…then start earning Rakuten Trade points of up to 4,500!! It’s super simple.

Open both accounts so you can choose what type of trading styles you want to employ. Choose to trade using the available cash you have and / or via an extended spending limit based on the share(s) and cash placed as collateral + the shares you intend to buy. For Contra Trading, you are required to fully settle within two days. 

Having 2 accounts with the same broker can also make transferring balances easier and it is easier to maintain your investment portfolio as it gives you a clear view of your entire trading portfolio on one dashboard. More importantly, enjoy the same brokerage rates regardless of which account you trade with and you can use the same Japanese inspired trading app to do so. 

We believe in rewarding our clients all the time! So don’t miss out….open TWO accounts today because TWO is always better than ONE!