• Date
    9 Sep 2021
  • Time
  • Venue
    Online - Rakuten Trade Official Facebook Channel
  • No RSVP needed and it's OPEN TO ALL!
9 September 2021

InsightSeries🎯 : Oil & Gas Sector, and the Renewable Energy Space

Our 2nd InsightSeries🎯 is here! Our 1st InsightSeries was all about the technology sector, and this round, we’ll be bringing you the Oil & Gas sector!

We’ll be hosting Mr. Steven Chan, Equity Analyst at Kenanga Group to share latest markets trends and insights on the Oil & Gas sector as well as the Renewable Energy Space. Everything you need to know to make your trades on the O&G sector smarter ones. Mr. Steven Chan will also be sharing his hot stock picks for the sector too!

Open to ALL! Attendees will also be able to pose their questions to Mr. Steven Chan.

No RSVP needed and it’ll cost you RM0 to join! We’ll be streaming live via Rakuten Trade’s official Facebook ONLY, so make sure you SET REMINDER so you’ll get a notification on the day we go LIVE!


InsightSeries🎯 : Oil & Gas Sector, and the Renewable Energy Space

Date  : 9 Sept 2021, Thursday

Time  : 8PM

Questions? Please email at customerservice@rakuten.my. We’re always happy to assist you!  


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