13 March 2023

Q2 Outlook Webinar on Malaysia


📅 13 March 2023 
🕕 Time: 8.00PM


Moving into the second quarter of 2023, analyst still maintain their cautiously optimistic outlook on the market. But why? 

Didn’t the FBMKLCI rebound close to 80 points from the October 2022 lows? If you’re curious about what's in store for the Q2 2023 MY stock market outlook, then you're in luck, because we're hosting a webinar to spill all the beans!

Experts from the Research Team will share insights of what's to come, and opportunities investors should not miss out on. They'll take a keen look into 

  • Concerns around inflation, rising interest rates, and geopolitical risks 
  • The global market and whether this a good time for investors to cherry pick fundamentally strong small and big cap stocks or investors should continue the wait and see mode
  • Sectors to watch

1,288RT Points* will be rewarded if you attend and submit feedback form by 11:59pm, 13 March 2023. T&C Apply

“See” you there!



🗣️ Kenny Yee, Head of Research, Rakuten Trade

🗣️ Thong Pak Leng, Vice President of Research, Rakuten Trade

🗣️ Coco Lee, Asst. Vice President of Research, Rakuten Trade



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