• Date
    13 Apr 2022
  • Time
    7:45PM - 9:30PM
  • Venue
    Live on RT official FB & YouTube Channel
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13 April 2022

RakuTalk: Trading In The Metaverse

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Wednesday, 13 April 2022

8:00PM – 9:30PM (lobby opens at 7:45pm)

Live! On RT’s official Facebook and YouTube Channel

The Future Of Technology

Beneath the buzz, what is the Metaverse?

According to Motley Fool, the metaverse is defined as a digital, three-dimensional world that’s immersive and accessible in real time by an unlimited number of people, allowing for social interactions, commerce, and more. Right now, this is more science fiction than reality. However, various tech companies are trying to bring the entirety of this vision to life. Patience is needed because the metaverse could take a decade or more to develop. But this is great news for investors, as it’s still in its early stages, so it’s not too late to invest in metaverse stocks.

Join our coming RakuTalk as we look at ways to invest in this exciting space and some of the companies that are positioned to profit from the trend.

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Ms. Shoko Shinoda, Fund Analyst from Rakuten Securities returns to our RakuTalk session with Ms. Meilin Quinn, Analyst from Motley Fool. They will be joined by Mr. Kazumasa Mise (CEO) and session moderator Mr. Hooi Mun Keong (Digital Educator).


Ms. Shoko Shinoda – Fund Analyst, Rakuten Securities, Inc.

Ms Shinoda is a Fund Analyst with Financial Planner credentials and hands-on experience in quantitative/qualitative mutual fund analytics, global asset management industry analysis.

Before joining Rakuten Securities in 2013, she worked in research and data analytics for 7 years at Lipper, a global fund evaluation company under Refinitiv Group.

She holds an MBA in Finance from Waseda Graduate School and B.A. in Law and Political Science from Keio University.

 Ms. Meilin Quinn – Analyst, Motley Fool

Ms Quinn officially joined the Motley Fool analyst team in February 2021 after completing the Fool's 6-month Investor Development Program. Her focus is on biotech and small cap stocks, but of late she's been covering web 3 and metaverse opportunities. She has also been featured on their Podcast - Motley Fool Money.

She’s a graduate from Syracuse University, having studied digital media, philosophy, and economics. She enjoys at combining her eclectic interests to pin down winning investments.


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