29 November 2022

US Market Outlook & Strategies To Trade On NYSE & NASDAQ

Invest smartly. Learn from the pros on how to benefit from increased market volatility. 


Join our coming webinar where we’ll share our outlook on the US Market, its increase volatility and trading strategies to adopt.  

Mr. Vincent Lau, Head of Equity Sales, Rakuten Trade will be joined by guest speaker, Mr. Derick Tan, Founder of Timing and You who will share strategies to adopt when trading on NYSE / NASDAQ. 


Join us 29 November 2022, 8pm live via Facebook and YouTube as we share how to make the most of your investments as we race towards the end of 2022.

700 RT Points* will be rewarded if you attend and submit feedback form by 11:59pm, 29 Nov 2022. 


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Date: 29 Nov 2022, Tuesday

Time: 8pm

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Key Speakers:

Derick Tan

Founder of Timing & You

Derick Tan is the Founder of the “Timing & You” program, dedicated to raise awareness of the looming Sovereign Debt Crisis (SDC), guiding individuals to survive and profit from the devastating financial crisis through the period 2015-2022. He has been an active trader and investor in the stock, commodities, currencies, bonds and property markets since 1999. Apart from Fundamental Analysis (FA) and Technical Analysis (TA), he is also a practitioner of the relatively unknown but amazingly accurate Cycle Analysis (CA) to improve the probability of winning in different investment asset classes. Derick has developed a proprietary 3-dimensional T&Y Relative Risk Index (RRI)™, which is probably the first of its kind in the world that combines Cycle Analysis, Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis parameters to give a holistic risk-reward assessment of the U.S. stock market.


Vincent Lau

Head of Equity Sales, Rakuten Trade

Vincent Lau was part of Rakuten Trade’s founding team and was instrumental in the setting up of the country’s first purely digital research team geared exclusively towards retail investors. As the Vice President of Research, he actively participated in media briefings, roadshows, and seminars. It was there Lau was accorded The Edge Best Call Awards 2018.

In January 2021, Rakuten Trade appointed Lau as the Head of Equity Sales, of its newly formed department, responsible for driving equity sales by generating news driven and thematic stock trading ideas for its clients.

Lau has over 18 years of corporate finance and investment banking experience in various local and foreign financial institutions in Malaysia. Prior to joining Rakuten Trade, he was the Head of Foreign Equity Sales, Research at Kenanga Investment Bank.



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