9 September 2020

Warrants, ETF & Q4 Market Outlook Webinar

Rakuten Trade Presents Its 2020 Q4 Market Outlook Webinar!

You’re invited to our 1st Online Market Outlook Webinar! Whether you’re a new or experienced RT trader, this webinar is designed for you.

Join and listen to our latest info on Q4 ETF and the general market outlook from our very own research team. We’ve also invited a very special guest speaker from KIBB to talk about warrant trading.

Attending is completely FREE but “seats” are limited so please make sure to RSVP to secure your place.

To reserve your virtual seat, please RSVP via our Eventbrite page. Only RT clients are allowed to enter, so please make sure your details are entered accurately!

PLUS if you RSVP, attend, and submit your webinar feedback form you’ll earn 100 BPoints and stand a chance to win 3,000 BPoints!

Note: The feedback form will be distributed after the event and the grand prize is limited to 6 individuals. Lucky draw winners will be determined 24 hours after the event. Winners will be informed via email.



7:00PM Welcome by Emcee

7:05PM Opening by Kazumasa Mise, Acting CEO & CMO, Rakuten Trade

7:10PM Guest Speaker: Isabelle Zhen, Head of Sales, Retail Equity Derivatives, Kenanga Investment Bank

7:30PM ETF Outlook by Vincent Lau, Vice President, Equity Research, Rakuten Trade

7:50PM Market Outlook + Stock Picks by Mr. Kenny Yee, Head of Research, Rakuten Trade

8:10PM Q&A

8:30PM END


Terms & Conditions

  1. This event is exclusive for Rakuten Trade clients.
  2. RSVP via Eventbrite using your name as per NRIC. A link to the webinar will be delivered to your registered email upon RSVP. 
  3. Limited seats are available and will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.
  4. Viewers will be allowed admittance from 6:45 PM (15 minutes beforehand).
  5. RSVP, attend, and submit your webinar feedback form to earn 100 BPoints.
  6. Please login using your name as per NRIC to qualify for check in
  7. The feedback form will be distributed end of the webinar.
  8. All details must be entered correctly (including B Infinite member number) to qualify for the 100 BPoints.
  9. There will be 6 lucky draw prizes (3,000 BPoints each) that will be selected at random. The winners will be selected based on those who submit a feedback forms (if you don't have a B Infinite account, you may register HERE).
  10. Each client can only win the lucky draw once.
  11. BPoints and lucky draw prize will be credited into your account within 15 business days following the event.

Disclaimers: All buy calls during the webinar is based on the research team's judgement. Investing is risky and trading is at your own risk.