• Date
    25 May 2023
  • Time
    7:45 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Venue
    Live on RT official FB & YouTube Channel
  • No RSVP needed! Just watch them live!
25 May 2023

(Webinar) RakuTalk: US Fractional Shares and Dollar Cost Averaging


Tune in to FB and YouTube as we go live with our latest webinar on 25 May at 8pm.



RakuTalk: US Fractional Shares and Dollar Cost Averaging “The Ultimate Combo for Building Wealth in the US Stock Market"

Join Hooi Mun Keong (Digital Educator at Rakuten Trade) & guest speaker, Ms. Shoko Shinoda from Rakuten Securities (Tokyo, Japan) who will share:   

  1. Trading 101 on US fractional shares at Rakuten Trade
  2. Benefits of fractional shares. 
  3. Combining DCA with fractional share trading
  4. Popular fractional shares to trade

Attendees will get a brokerage rebate worth RM12.88* (1288 RT Points)* when they submit a feedback form by 11:59pm on event day.  *T&C Apply 


Shoko Shinoda, Vice President, Rakuten Securities Economic Research Institute

Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)

Shoko is Fund Analyst with background leveraging Financial Planner credentials and hands-on experience in quantitative/qualitative mutual fund analytics, global asset management industry analysis. Before joining Rakuten Securities in 2013, Shoko spent seven years working in research and data analytics at Lipper, a global fund evaluation company under Refinitiv Group. She currently serves as a committee member for the Pictet Fund Advisory Committee.

Shoko holds MBA in Finance from Waseda Graduate School and B.A. in Law and Political Science from Keio University.


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