• Date
    29 Sep 2022
  • Time
    8PM - 9PM
  • Venue
    Live on RT official FB & YouTube Channel
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29 September 2022

Webinar: US Market Outlook & S&P500 Consumer Discretionary Sector

Familiar with Amazon, Apple, Disney, Starbucks, Tesla? Join our coming webinar where we deep dive into the S&P 500 Consumer Discretionary and share the market outlook for US counters.  700 RT Points* will be rewarded if you attend and submit feedback form by 11:59pm, 29 Sept 2022. 

This session will share insights on:

  1. Upcoming opportunities and risk on the US market
  2. Insights to S&P 500 Consumer Discretionary sector
  3. Stock Picks

Here's your chance to hear about opportunities surrounding the US Market specifically non-essential consumer goods and services that during economic growth phases perform quite well. They are brands that are usually favored when investors have higher disposable income. 

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Date: 29 Sept 2022, Thursday

Time: 8pm



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Key Speakers

Shoko Shinoda

Fund Analyst, Rakuten Securities, Inc.

Ms Shinoda is a Fund Analyst with Financial Planner credentials and hands-on experience in quantitative/qualitative mutual fund analytics, global asset management industry analysis. Before joining Rakuten Securities in 2013, she worked in research and data analytics for 7 years at Lipper, a global fund evaluation company under Refinitiv Group.

She holds an MBA in Finance from Waseda Graduate School and B.A. in Law and Political Science from Keio University.

Kenny Yee

Head of Research, Rakuten Trade

Kenny Yee with 29 years of industry experience joined Rakuten Trade as the Head of Research. He heads the research team which focuses on small mid cap companies. ​

He was previously with BIMB Securities where he established their research team. Prior to that he was the Head of Research at Avenue Securities (2002) before joining OSK Investment Bank in 2005 to helm the research team. There he was instrumental in promoting “OSK’s 100 Hidden Jewels” comprising predominantly of small cap companies, which garnered a huge following amongst both the institutional and retail investors alike. He was also previously with Nikko Securities (Malaysia) for four years. 

 Vincent Lau

Head of Equity Sales, Rakuten Trade

Vincent Lau was part of Rakuten Trade’s founding team and was instrumental in the setting up of the country’s first purely digital research team geared exclusively towards retail investors. As the Vice President of Research, he actively participated in media briefings, roadshows, and seminars. It was there Lau was accorded The Edge Best Call Awards 2018.

In January 2021, Rakuten Trade appointed Lau as the Head of Equity Sales, of its newly formed department, responsible for driving equity sales by generating news driven and thematic stock trading ideas for its clients.

Lau has over 18 years of corporate finance and investment banking experience in various local and foreign financial institutions in Malaysia. Prior to joining Rakuten Trade, he was the Head of Foreign Equity Sales, Research at Kenanga Investment Bank.


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