Apple inside your portfolio? Long term investment strategy for US stocks


  • US Major Stock Indices hit new year-to-date high!
  • Apple - Presence of USD3 trillion market capitalization 
  • Significance of placeing US stocks at the core of asset building
US stocks affirms “bull market”: Eyeing recovery next year.


●S&P500 rose more than 20% from its October low.
● Rule of thumb of “peak out of policy interest rate is a factor for high stock prices.”
●The market is aware of shifting to profit growth next year after this year’s decline

S&P 500 second half outlook and significance of long-term installment investment


● Predict the S&P500 for the second half of the year.
● Recheck the long-term total returns for US stocks.
● Reverify the long-term track record of instalment investment.

Should we pay attention to seasonality (sell in May) in this year’s market?


● The year-to-date changes in the domestic and overseas markets stood out.
● Nasdaq 100 implicates “half-price return is full price return.”
● Will the market repeat “sell in May” this year?

Inflation expectations have rocked US market: What is the outlook for each sector?


● Inflation expectations in the US market are rising.
● Check the year-to-date changes and performance outlook by sector
● Is the stock market waiting for bond rates to stabilize?