Should we pay attention to seasonality (sell in May) in this year’s market?


● The year-to-date changes in the domestic and overseas markets stood out.
● Nasdaq 100 implicates “half-price return is full price return.”
● Will the market repeat “sell in May” this year?

Inflation expectations have rocked US market: What is the outlook for each sector?


● Inflation expectations in the US market are rising.
● Check the year-to-date changes and performance outlook by sector
● Is the stock market waiting for bond rates to stabilize?

Are the rate hikes going to end? Will US stocks overcome recession risks?


● S&P 500 passed FOMC to new year-to-date high
● The unemployment rate will gradually rise as the US economy slows down
● Looking back at the early 1970s – Inflation and stock prices are “inversely correlated”

5 principles of asset building: Why are US stocks placed at the core?


● Five principles of asset building and roles of US stocks
● Forecasted ROE in the US market is the highest level
● Simulating a long-term diversified instalment investment in US stocks

Will global stocks turn positive in 2023?


● Global stocks performance was bad in 2022 but...
● The global economy will bottom out in 2023 and recover in 2024
● Check out the earnings forecasts for 2023 and 2024