Monetary tightening and Caution on Ukraine? Will US stocks continue to change?


● US stocks are back in a turbulent development
● Relationship between high interest rates and the tense situation in Ukraine
● Good US earnings announcement and business outlooks

Will value stocks continue to dominate? Based on the ranking of Japan and US stocks selection


● “Value rotation” becomes clearer in the Japan and US stock markets
● “Large cap stocks of the winners in the New Year market” within the US market and TSE
● “Expiry date” of value stock market and real long-term interest rate

Is the US stock crisis an opportunity? Re-examine the significance of long-term instalment fund investment


● Is the “oversold” sign an opportunity from a technical perspective?
● Investing is not speculation: Recognizing the significance of long-term investment
● Examine the “instalment fund investment that increases while saving” for US stocks

Is it what goes up must come down? Direction of US stocks and commodity investment strategy


● As expected, FOMC announced a hawkish shift in monetary policy
● Is it unexpected? Returns of US stocks were strong even in the rate hike phase
● Asset management strategy to capture inflation trends

Do you like pho? Attractiveness of Vietnam stocks and practice of diversified investment


● Vietnam stocks have an advantage over Japanese and foreign stocks
● The attractiveness to invest in Vietnam is its high growth expectation over the long term
●  Specific method to diversify investment in Vietnam stocks (From Japan)