US stock outlook and investment strategy in 2023


● US stocks amid slowing inflation and rate hikes
● Expectation of a halt in rate hikes will be favorable for stocks
● Is there upside for the S&P 500 Index in 2023?

Diversified investment strategy for stocks with continuous dividend growth


● Dividend Aristocrats Index’s long-term performance is outstanding
● Let’s get to know the specific stocks of “dividend aristocrats” and “dividend kings”
● What is the specific investment strategy for the Dividend Aristocrats Index?

Do US stocks have a strong support? The differences from Lehman’s crisis


● US stocks temporarily improved with strong support
● Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers caused a sharp deterioration in the credit market and tight liquidity
● Will “rate hike slowdown” anticipated at next week’s FOMC?

Has the correction in US stocks come to an end? Is long-term instalment investment the best?


● 200-week moving average vs. Declining financial environment
● IMF revises World Economic Outlook: What to focus on?
● Is long-term investment in US stocks the best? 

Rising US interest rates. Learnings from 2019.


●US stock market is shaken by rising interest rates
●How the market sees the direction of the policy interest rate
● Looking back at the last interest rate cycle and stock performance