“Long-term installment investment” for beginners: The secret to accumulating without stress


● Understand the Japan and foreign market performances with long-term investment
● Let’s examine “when investing in global stocks”
● Reaffirming the “significance of increasing while accumulating” from a long-term perspective

Inflation trends and directions of growth stocks in US


● Signs of changes in stock trends in the US and Japan markets in the 2nd half
● June CPI announced in the US
● Predict the interest rate trends with the direction of forecasted inflation rate

Is darkest before dawn? Signs of US stocks have stopped declining


● Strategists’ S&P 500 forecast has fallen
● Sign of change in FF interest rate futures due to slowing economic outlook
● Pay attention to whether the international commodity market will become stable

Will US stocks continue to fall? Business owners become more anxious about the economic downturn


● Forecasted PER for S&P 500 drops to 15x due to falling stock prices
● The expected inflation rate in the US bond market has settled down
● Business sentiment deterioration of business owners is concerning

Will US stocks continue facing difficulties? Re-identify the meaning of long term instalment investment


● US stocks enter bear market due to “CPI shock”
● Markets are afraid of recession in US economy
● Examine the “instalment investment by accumulating and increasing” the US stocks