Are inflation and the depreciation of the yen New Normal? Recommendations for intenational diversified investment


● Inflation is accelerating with expectations of higher US interest rates
● Is the depreciation of the yen “New Normal”?
● Reconsidering the advantages of yen-denominated foreign stocks

Background of US stocks adjustment: Process of incorporating the monetary tightening


● Markets are wary of accelerating inflation and tightening monetary policy
● The FRB’s total assets declines, but the Ukrainian crisis is also a positive factor for the US
● Check out the potential risk factors which domestic and foreign markets are facing

What is the higher price of the Nikkei Index? Predicting it from the direction of the yen-denominated NY Dow


● Will the yen-denominated NY Dow Jones Industrial Average continue its strong trend?
● Predict the direction of the Nikkei Index from the high correlation with the yen-denominated NY Dow
● The outlook for the US market is expanding further

Another benefit of yen depreciation: Yen-denominated NY Dow hits the highest price!


● Why did the dollar strengthen against the yen?
● The yen is depreciating because of the Nikkei Index rebound.
● Another benefit of yen depreciation: Yen-denominated US stock returns improve

US stocks rebound sharply in the Ukrainian crisis: Can they withstand the rate hike cycle?


● Why did US stocks rebound sharply even during the Ukrainian crisis?
● To what extent has the US bond market factored in monetary tightening?
● Is the “recession probability” of the US economy increasing?