Have Japan, US and China stock markets touched the bottom?


● Have Nasdaq and Hong Kong stocks reached the bottom?
● Policy interest rate outlook is stabilizing with the rebound of Nasdaq
● Will global economic growth continue?

Investing in “Dividend Aristocrats”. Taking advantage of US stock prices


● Forecasted PER of S&P 500 dropped to around 16 folds due to fallen stock price
● Focus on the relative performance of the Dividend Aristocrats Index
● What is the specific investment strategy for “Dividend Aristocrats”?

What are the bearish signs indicating US stocks touching the bottom? The “Bearish Readings” of individual investors exceeded the level at the Covid-19 pandemic


●The “Bearish Reading” has skyrocketed in the US market
● Signs of inflation and long-term interest rates have reached the peak
● Forecasting the directions of the “recession probability” in US

Investment strategy amid the sharp decline in NASDAQ


● Did US stocks incorporate the downside risks?
● Focus on the decrease in PER and high ROE of NASDAQ stocks
● Investment strategy for Nasdaq: Maintain the long-term investment stance

Have US stocks imputed FOMC? Beware of risks in China’s economy


● Have US stocks imputed FOMC?
● 1Q financial results of major US companies moderately increased
● Beware of the economic slowdown caused by the lockdowns in China