US stocks rebound sharply in the Ukrainian crisis: Can they withstand the rate hike cycle?


● Why did US stocks rebound sharply even during the Ukrainian crisis?
● To what extent has the US bond market factored in monetary tightening?
● Is the “recession probability” of the US economy increasing?

Facing the Geopolitical Risk: Examine Long-Term Instalment Investment in US Stocks


● US stocks have overcome cautious FOMC
● The market seems overcoming geopolitical risks soon
● Examine the “installment investment to increase while saving” of US stocks

Financial stress rises due to Ukraine-Russia crisis: Reason for the US stocks turbulence


● Financial stress rises due to Ukrainian war and Russian crisis
● The shadow of stagflation creeps up due to commodity inflation
● Stocks and bond “fear indexes” rose at the same time

Ukraine War and Russia Crisis: Where are US Stocks Heading to?


● Is the “total bearish” amongst US investors an indicator of trade against trend?
● The collapse of the Russian market indicates an upcoming “tragedy”
● How to look at the improvement in the outlook for the US market and the decline in PER?

“Buy at a distant war”? Is Ukraine’s emergency an opportunity for trading?


● Risk aversion for markets due to increasing geopolitical risk
● Looking back on the 2014 Crimean Crisis
● Yield of US stocks is 5.2%: No indication of overpricing compared to interest rates