3 Top Web3 Stocks to Buy in June

The Web3 paradigm is the future of the internet, shifting control from large corporations to a widespread network of users and developers.

Companies like Shopify, Microsoft, and AMD are making significant strides toward this new decentralized architecture.

These established tech giants are not only preparing for the Web3 future but also actively shaping it, providing significant investment opportunities in the process.

Motley Fool Issues Rare “All In” Buy Alert on Shopify.

  1. SHOPIFY (SHOP): USD58.280 (+0.58%) or in a fraction USD0.58

  2. MICROSOFT CORP (MSFT): USD335.430 (+0.85%) or in a fraction USD3.35

  3. ADV MICRO DEVICE (AMD): USD117.855 (-1.35%) or in a fraction USD1.17

Stock price taken at closing on 2 Jun 2023.

Source: The Motley News, 4 Jun 2023

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