3 Trending Metaverse Stocks to Buy

According to Motley Fool, these 3 could win big from the metaverse.

ROBLOX CORP - A (RBLX) - The company had 55 million daily active users in February 2022 and it has 29 million developers on its platform, creating virtual experiences. It closed at USD43.100 last Friday.

ADV MICRO DEVICE (AMD) - AMD will provide 4,000 of its Epyc server processors to Meta Platforms for building what it calls the world's fastest supercomputer to tackle machine learning and natural language processing workloads to power the metaverse. It closed at USD101.000 last Friday.

QUALCOMM INC (QCOM) - Looking ready to bolster its position in headset market as Meta's upcoming Oculus Quest 3 is expected to be powered by the chipmaker's Snapdragon XR3 processor. It closed at USD136.720 last Friday.

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