3 U.S. Stocks in April!

Possible good buys in April according to the Motley Fool.

ORGANON (OGN) – OGN spun off from Merck last year, focusing on women's health, established medicines, and biosimilars. It closed at USD35.810 yesterday.

CITIGROUP (C) – Interest rates are on the rise, and there could be some extra motivation for investors to add C to their portfolio. It closed at USD54.970 yesterday.

FEDEX (FDX) – A familiar logistics company currently trading at 11x its future earnings. Could be a bargain compared to its rival UPS. It closed at USD235.240 yesterday.

In other news, this week stand the chance of winning FAMILIAR stocks like Colgate, Ford, Levi Strauss, NVIDIA and Walmart*.

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