Buy Roblox and Chegg on The Dip!!

If you are looking for growth stocks to buy on the dip, Motley Team suggests these 2 stocks.

ROBLOX CORP - A (RBLX) - RBLX has consistently showed growth in daily active users, with 53.1 million daily active users as of April 2022, despite the economy’s gradual opening. RBLX runs on an asset-lite model that has helped cash flow from operations expand. The app is free to join, but users will have to pay for premium items and experiences. It closed at USD31.420 yesterday.

CHEGG INC (CHGG) - CHGG is an education technology company that mainly serves college students. Over the years, CHGG has built a massive 79 million-strong content database. CHGG's revenue has increased from $254 million to $776 million over the last five years and turned operating results from a $41 million loss to a $78 million gain. It closed at USD20.460 yesterday.

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