Fiserv, The Trade Desk, and Airbnb Poised To Take the Lead When Market Rebounds

Motley Team have identified these 3 top stocks as potential leaders when the tech sector's resurgence happens.

FISERV INC (FISV) - FISV is a financial technology solutions provider who has built a client base of over 10,000 banks and financial institutions, and it helps them process 12,000 transactions every second. It closed at USD99.330 yesterday.

TRADE DESK INC-A (TTD) - TTD helps advertisers find digital ad space to promote their business, which can be difficult to do alone. TTD has plenty of room to expand. In 2021, the company had roughly $6.2 billion in ad spending run through its platform, but there was $439 billion in digital ad spending globally during the same period. It closed at USD49.050 yesterday.

AIRBNB INC-A (ABNB) - Thanks to its asset-light business model, ABNB can add new properties in minutes, without spending much money. That agility has resulted in ABNB rebounding rapidly from the pandemic. Over the past year, revenue surged 93% to USD6.6 billion, with USD2.8 billion in free cash flow, up 434% YoY. It closed at USD114.290 yesterday.

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