Let's End the Week with 3 Good Stocks

According to Motley Fool, these 3 stocks are brimming with potential.

PINTEREST INC -A (PINS) - This company has a global average revenue per user (ARPU) of $1.93. Up 23% y-o-y in the fourth quarter, this metric strengthened with a growing ARPU of $7.43 domestically and an international ARPU that was up 62% to $0.57. PINS closed at USD26.350 yesterday.

ZOOM VIDEO COM-A (ZM) - Famous for its video conferencing software that has become a verb, Zoom has recently launch Zoom Contact Center as its latest product. ZM closed at USD117.670 yesterday.

DOCUSIGN INC (DOCU) - Led by its popular e-signature product, the company set to expand its broader Agreement Cloud offering. As e-signature is by far DocuSign's most prominent product, it intends to use a land-and-expand business model to grow its sales. DOCU closed at USD104.560 yesterday.

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