Nvidia, Datadog and Zscaler Ready to Bounce Back

According to the Motley, these three tech stocks have great long-term prospects despite their losses in recent months.

NVIDIA CORP (NVDA) – NVDA semiconductors are state-of-the-art market leaders in several major growth categories, including data centers, gaming, automation, and robotics. The company also shrewdly investing in next-generation quantum computing so that it can stay afloat when its current product portfolio becomes obsolete. It closed at USD185.260 yesterday.

DATADOG INC-A (DDOG) – DDOG provides application monitoring and security for cloud software. With the help of its software, companies may increase the efficiency of their cloud-based operations and digital operations while protecting against threats. It closed at USD106.540 yesterday.

ZSCALER INC (ZS) – ZS is a cybersecurity stock that specializes in edge protection. These days, cyberattacks frequently make the news, and criminals often gain access to sensitive corporate data through workers and clients. That's exactly what ZS intends to stop, and Gartner recognizes them as an industry leader. It closed at USD157.830 yesterday.

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