Nvidia, Microsoft and Matterport Make the Top 3 Metaverse list

According to Motley Fool, these 3 could win big from the metaverse.

NVIDIA CORP (NVDA) - In January, Nvidia announced Meta Platforms was buying 16,000 Nvidia-made A100 processors designed from the ground up to handle artificial intelligence workloads. It closed at USD165.600 yesterday.

MICROSOFT CORP (MSFT) - Microsoft Mesh is a turn-key product meant to let users meet with one another virtually. Plus, its HoloLens (augmented reality glasses) can help team members simultaneously see and discuss manufacturing, engineering, and even healthcare matters. It closed at USD253.740 yesterday.

MATTERPORT INC (MTTR) - MTTR strong suit is turning real indoor spaces into digital rooms that can be virtually, remotely explored. Real estate industry, retailers, insurers, and even architects and engineers are finding that its solutions can make tasks much easier to complete remotely. It closed at USD4.040 yesterday.

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