(US) 4 Reasons to Buy Airbnb Stock

Airbnb (ABNB) just reported its most profitable quarter and year on record - A massive rally, jumping 43% since the start of 2023

Here's the reason why Airbnb should keep rising when a bull market return. 

1. It is performing wonderfully

Demand for domestic and international vacation rental properties has helped the company reach its most profitable quarter and year on record. 

2. It's far from reaching market saturation

It still has a lot of opportunities for growth and also improved tools and features like transparent pricing and super host awards for its top-performing hosts.

3. Getting creative in its growth opportunities

The company is open to branching out beyond its core services to maintain its accelerated growth.

4. An attractive price considering its long-term potential

Investors looking to load up on high-growth stocks before the next bull market should take advantage of today's discounted pricing. 

Airbnb's share is closed at USD120.73 yesterday.

Happy Trading!

Source: Motley Fool, 2 March 2023