(US) Airbnb is Adding ChatGPT to Its Platform: Time to Buy the Stock?

Motley Fool issued a rare "ALL IN BUY" Alert with Airbnb (ABNB).

The company announced in its Q1 call that it will be integrating CHATGPT into its platform and users should start to see some big changes in the company's app starting next year.

AI isn't the only reason to buy ANBN as their revenue grew roughly 20% year over year in the first quarter to reach USD1.82 bullion. Airbnb's business is in great shape and could have big opportunities in AI.

ADD AIRBNB INC-A (ABNB): USD113.16 (-10.94%) or in a fraction of USD1.13 into your cart today from as low as RM1/USD1.88 only.

Stock price taken at closing on 10 May.

Happy Trading!

Source: The Motley News, 10 May