(US) The Bear Market Is Over For Nvidia

According to The Motley Fool, the top AI company will be back in growth mode in 2023! 

Nvidia (NVDA) took the gold medal for the number of times "AI" was mentioned on its latest earning call. In this new era where operational efficiency is the focus of the business world, Nvidia has built itself into far-and-away the top platform for building AI systems to unlock new computing technology use cases for companies and new cost-saving opportunities. 

Key Points

  1. Nvidia stock has been off to races in recent months, partly reinforced by a positive earnings report in February. 

  2. In 2023, it appears that Nvidia will return to growth and profit margins will improve. 

  3. Be wary of chasing this stock, but the long-term potential is very great for Nvidia.  

Happy Trading!

Source: The Motley Fool