(Aug 30) 16 HK ETFs are added to our list​

We’ve recently added 16 HK ETFs from Hang Seng Investment Management, BlackRock Asset Management, CSOP Asset Management Limited and more. 

It’s time to start dipping your toes into the water of trading ETFs on the  Hong Kong Exchange! 

Newly launched ETFs follow these index;

  • Hang Seng Index
  • Hang Seng TECH Index
  • MSCI China Index
  • FTSE China A50 Index                     and more! 

<HK Index ETFs>


<Leveraged & Inverse ETFs>

*Price are taken on 7/9/2023 closing.


Exciting news for customers who are open to higher risks and seeking greater gains in a shorter time frame. Leveraged & Inverse ETFs are now available for trading on the RT platform! 

Explore the full  list here: Stocks & ETF

Leveraged & Inverse ETFs are generally designed for investors who are willing to take risks for higher returns at multiples (i.e. 200%, 300%) with a span of no longer than 1 day. These ETFs are not recommended for customers who are willing to buy and hold.