[13 Mar] U.S. Opens An Hour Earlier

Trade U.S. Markets from 9:30pm TONIGHT!

Come Sunday, 12 March, clocks in the U.S. will be set back an hour. While that doesn’t really mean much to us over here in Malaysia, as investors it means that we’ll be able to start trading on NYSE /NASDAQ  starting at 9:30pm (MY Time).

With longer trading hours and increased liquidity, Daylight Savings gives you the advantage you need to trade familiar U.S. stocks & ETFs before you doze off. 

 Start Trading Now!

So set your alarm and start trading an hour earlier on Monday 13 March (MY)!

Still not convinced? Here’s 6 reasons why you should!

#1: Largest Stock Market In The Word​: Over USD49 trillion of market capitalization  

#2:  Familiar, High Growth Potential Brands​: More than 4,000 brands are listed in the US.  

#3: Portfolio Diversification​: Expand your wealth beyond Malaysia but via 1 single account. That way your portfolio isn’t dependent on the performance of 1 market. 

#4: Super Low Fees​: Choose to trade in RM or USD, from as low as RM 7 or USD 1.88.

#5: Access to Education, Tips and Tricks​: FREE access to education assets + real time data price feeds

#6: Time To Trade​: It’s a market that you can trade after working hours, from 9.30pm - 4:30am (MY time). 

For a limited time, we’re offering brokerage FREE* trades on your first trade and FREE access to U.S. & HK real time price feeds. Remember, when other brokers charge you, we’ll (probably) give it to you FREE!  ​​

Haven’t activated your foreign trading account? ​Just login to your dashboard and click on the HONG KONG or US flag. You will also be eligible to receive RM20 worth of brokerage rebates*! Find out more here.


*T&C Apply