US Tradeable Share List

BREAKING NEWS! Grab users, this is your chance to own part of the company. Grab and a few more ARK ETFs have been added to US tradeable list.

You asked, we listened..

 More than 1,000 shares are now tradeable on our platform. If you have a particular stock or ETF that isn’t here but you’d like to trade it, please drop us an email.


 More shares coming soon! Hint: ADR!

Check the full tradeable list here: Stocks and ETFs.


As a RakuRanger, you also claim these perks!​

🎯 Chance to win familiar U. S shares weekly​*

🎯 Trade at super low brokerage rates of USD 1.67 to USD 24 (RM 7 –     RM100)

🎯 FREE real-time price feeds​ (when others charge for it)

🎯 DAILY and to the point Motley Fool trading ideas 👉 read more here

​🎯 FREE access to Research reports from our inhouse team & Rakuten Securities Japan 


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