Rakuten Trade Activates More than 32,500 Accounts in 2 Years

Rakuten Trade is positive about ongoing growth prospects for the company as it enters its third year with almost RM5 billion generated in trading value and more than 32,500 accounts to-date since it first opened its doors in May 2017.

Rakuten Trade, the country’s only fully digital equity broker, reported an increase of 170% in accounts from approximately 12,000 a year ago, while trading value generated on Bursa Malaysia rose by almost 400% from RM1 billion year on year.

Mr. Kaoru Arai, Managing Director of Rakuten Trade, said, “We continue to appeal to a growing segment of new investors who are more digitally savvy and have a more e-commerce lifestyle as they prefer the benefits of a completely digital platform like ours. At Rakuten Trade we endeavor to keep things simple and cost-effective in line with a fast-changing digital landscape where speed and convenience are preferred. Our unique FinTech business model also enables us to maintain the lowest brokerage fees in the country for both our products, Cash Upfront and Contra Accounts, despite being in a highly competitive industry.”

"Our success can also be attributed to nimbly developing new products and price sensitive services that cater to the ever-changing needs of this new segment of customers. This adaptability is a key trait that sets Rakuten Trade apart, along with our supportive customers who remain the driving factor of our continued growth in Malaysia."