B Infinite aims to promote customer loyalty and Rakuten Trade is no different. So we are pleased to announce that B Infinite and Rakuten Trade have teamed  up to reward you, our B Infinite members, with 2,888 BPoints when you successfully sign up for Rakuten Trade DUAL Accounts (Cash Upfront & Contra) & stand a chance to win 3,888 BPoints when you start your 1st trade. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​Who is Rakuten Trade?
​​​​​​​They are Malaysia's first and only completely online equities broker. This means you as our client, will:
1. Be able to open an account online... without the hassle of going into a branch.
2. Pay low brokerage rates when you trade... the lowest in town*.
3. Earn points whenever you engage with us that can be converted to BPoints!
4. Sign Up is FREE... No Account Opening Fees
5. Only require NRIC/ Passport

Note: RakuMargin is excluded from this campaign.

How To Convert
​​​​​​​Your RT points!

How To Earn BPoints!

Make The Better Choice.
​​​​​​​Choose Rakuten Trade!