For The Discerning Digital Investor

We are calling it the industry’s most innovative third-party margin financing platform to-date! Our RakuMargin (楽マージン) product offers several first-in-market features. Powered by Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad, RakuMargin offers investors: 

Did you know that this product carries our brand name?

Raku means easy and together it describes how easy it is to trade using the product. We developed RakuMargin based on client feedback with the aim to digitalize current industry offerings and disrupt the online equities trading arena.  

What Is RakuMargin?

RakuMargin is a 3rd party margin financing trading account that operates like a credit card allowing you to trade using available funds and/or with a pre-approved facility limit powered by Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad (KIBB).

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Why Sign Up For a RakuMargin? 

Why Not? 

Sign Up  Online

Yup! You read right...all our accounts can be activated via a completely online process. No more having to go to a bank or meeting your dealer. 

 RM100,000 facility limit

Upon account opening approval, you'll receive automatically a facility limit of up to RM100,000.

Signature Low Brokerage

 We have only 1 set of brokerage fees ranging from RM 7 to RM100 

Sign Off Digitally

Digitally sign for the letter of offer, agreement and related documents  

6.8% p.a on outstanding

6.8% annual interest on outstanding balance with a rollover fee of 0.5%

Earn 1.75% Interest

We give interest on available cash balance

Win Tickets to Tokyo on ANA!

Trade using your RakuMargin Account from March to May 2020 and stand the chance of winning 2 tickets to Tokyo, Japan on ANA!!
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Keen To Open An Account?

​​​​​​​Here is 7 steps to get you activated...remember to click COMBO when signup as you will need to have at least a Cash Upfront Account to get activated.

What Will Your Fees Be? 

Like any other trading firm, there are brokerage fees to be charged. The only difference is that we don't make you break the bank! We charge RM7 to RM100 depending on your trading value

Wanna Know How To Trade on RakuMargin

​​​​​​​New to digital trading via a margin account? Experience trading via our 3rd party margin trading platform - RakuMargin.