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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​There are now more ways for BonusLink Members to collect Points!
1,888 BonusLink Points for DUAL (Cash Upfront and Contra) or COMBO (Cash Upfront and RakuMargin) accounts activated with Rakuten Trade & stand a chance to win 3,888 BonusLink Points when you make your 1st trade! 

(100 BonusLink points = RM1).​​

Who is Rakuten Trade?
They are Malaysia's first and only completely online equities broker. This means you as our client, will:
1. Be able to open an account online
2. Pay low brokerage rates when you trade
3. Earn points whenever you engage with them
4. Sign Up is FREE

So sign up with Rakuten Trade to earn more.

BonusLink has been an affiliate partner of Rakuten Trade since 2017.

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