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Online Account Opening Approval In 1 hour*

Super Low Brokerage Fees For Everyone

Completely Online Using Japanese Mobile Technology

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Earn Rakuten Trade Points Whenever You Interact With Us

Investor Education & Knowledge Sharing a full fledged digital stockbroker, we DO NOT employ any agents or marketing representatives. We do collaborate with social educators who provide information on digital trading and on Rakuten Trade - Spark Liang 張開亮 , No Money Lah, Dividend Magic, Millennial Finance, Her Duit, and Ziet.

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trading experience.


Be a priority no matter how much you trade. 

Trading the stock market shouldn't be expensive, complex or only for the advanced traders. Don't feel intimidated just because you aren't a pro or have a limited amount of money to spend

At Rakuten Trade, we offer all the same perks of a traditional broker but with Japanese hospitality おもてなし and the added accessibility of being completely digital.

That means
1. You become the boss of your money
2. Fees are transparent and much lower 
3. Your portfolio is never "on a break"

Our entire platform requires zero face to face interaction; from opening an account, trading to education access.


Access our trading platform via app. It's a localized version of Japan's leading mobile app developed by Rakuten Securities Inc. The app allows you to manage your trading activities conveniently or while on the go. 


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