Assistant Manager, Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Assistant Manager’s role ideates customer-based following through social media channels and social influencers to drive acquisition, investments and to generate cross and upsell demand to the current installed base. 


This person is responsible for “level up” initiatives onto foreign markets, and subsequent debut trading on NYSE/NASDAQ, enhancing current services, by leveraging on different social media marketing channels and initiatives.

Manager, Risk and Compliance

The incumbent will report directly to the Head of Risk Management & Compliance and will work closely with the Head to manage all governance, risk management and compliance related matters.

Executive, Customer Service

Customer Support is the first contact point to customers. The job is to respond to customer enquiries and ensure assistance and guidance are provided to customers for smooth execution of orders or channelling customer queries to relevant team for follow up.  

The incumbent shall possess Dealer Representative License and pass the following examination of SIDC Board: Module 6 – Stock Market and Securities Law and Module 7 – Financial Statement Analysis and Asset Valuation.