We will share here the What, When and Who of Dividends
That Could Help You "Spark A Bit More Joy"

Are you an expert at trading stocks, buying and selling shares with the magical dexterity of Lionel Messi blazing through the defence line of Real Madrid?

OR, maybe you're a new investor looking for some enchanting investment ideas to get a foothold on your finances?

Whatever your experience level, you might want to look at DIVIDENDS!
They might just be the magic dust needed to give your trading efforts a little bit more omph!

"If you're running low on fresh funds, let the dividends do the talking"

- Leigh (Dividend Magic)

What are Dividends?

Dividends (dɪ-vɪ-dɛnds): Sums of money paid regularly by a company to its shareholders from its net profits. They're usually given semi-annually to shareholders (as of the Dividend Ex-Date).

Net profits are like a delicious pumpkin pie. When a company bakes a pie they can choose whether or not to share a slice with its shareholders.

They are steady bets in turbulant times. While they may not be as sexy as that high return you might earn when trading stocks, they are reliable & evergreen.

Company Dividend Announcement Noticeboard

Now that we've peaked your interest in becoming an apprentice of Magic Dividends, here's a list of companies giving Dividends that you might want to look at. We'll update** this section ahead of each month, so make sure to stay tuned! 

psst... also don't forget as a shareholder you get to attend their AGMs too!

Ex DateStock CodeStock NameDividend Per Share (RM)Dividend
Yield (%)
Payment DateLast Price (RM)*
05/08/20202127COMFORT GLOVES0.01500.27928/08/20205.370
05/08/20205110UOA REIT0.03987.06228/08/20201.290
05/08/20207293YINSON HOLDINGS0.02000.95728/08/20206.270
06/08/20200400GADANAINFRA NASI0.0400N/A11/08/2020102.800
06/08/20200401GAIHSAN SUKUK0.0460N/A11/08/2020103.000
06/08/20204162BRITISH AME TOBA0.18009.81319/08/202010.700
06/08/20205212PAVILION REAL0.01615.62928/08/20201.510
06/08/20208567SALCON BHD1:29 Share DividendN/A
07/08/202003024CE TECHNOLOGY0.0005N/A27/08/20200.900
07/08/20205049COUNTRY VIEW0.052.77824/08/20201.080
07/08/20206009PACIFIC & ORIENT0.0126.60625/08/20200.825
10/08/20205111TOWER REIT0.01187.84828/08/20200.660
10/08/20205246WESTPORTS HLDNGS0.05053.30821/08/20203.930
11/08/20205185AFFIN BANK0.07N/A09/09/20201.620
11/08/20208419PANSAR BHD0.0151.07028/08/20200.935
11/08/20209679WCT HOLDINGS BHD1:100 Share DividendN/A 0.465
12/08/20205015APM AUTOMOTIVE0.05007.10126/08/20201.680
12/08/20205280KIP REAL EST0.01537.52427/08/20200.820
13/08/20200039GFM SERVICES0.00176.49628/08/20200.170
13/08/20200197WEGMANS HLDG BRD0.00502.17428/08/20200.230
13/08/20201818BURSA MALAYSIA0.17002.23926/08/20209.290
13/08/20201929CHIN TECK PLANT0.08003.00028/08/20206.000
13/08/20205008HARRISONS HLDGS0.20005.14104/09/20203.890
13/08/20205131ZHULIAN CORP BHD0.03008.90409/09/20201.460
13/08/20207161KERJAYA PROSPEK0.02003.302 1.060
13/08/20207161KERJAYA PROSPEK1:100 Share Dividend3.30228/08/20201.060
13/08/20207374TIEN WAH PRESS0.05507.76728/08/20201.030
14/08/20203069MEGA FIRST CORP0.06000.29925/08/20206.690
18/08/2020187BCM ALLIANCE0.00100.63515/09/20200.315
18/08/20204952AMANAH HARTA0.01758.21428/08/20200.700
18/08/20206262INNOPRISE PLANTS0.02001.09302/09/20200.915
19/08/20203107FIMA CORP BHD0.07507.62207/09/20201.640
19/08/20204405TAN CHONG MOTOR0.02003.84618/09/20201.040
21/08/20202305AYER HOLDINGS0.0450N/A04/09/20206.000
25/08/20207811SAPURA INDUSTRIA0.02007.31710/09/20200.410
26/08/20207035CCK CONSOLIDATED0.00502.42722/09/20200.515
26/08/20209466KKB ENGINEERING0.06002.43915/09/20201.640
27/08/20203883MUDA HOLDINGS0.04002.72723/09/20201.650
27/08/20205056ENGTEX GROUP0.00621.47121/09/20200.510
27/08/20205125PANTECH GROUP0.00306.78225/09/20200.365
27/08/20206012MAXIS BERHAD0.04003.58524/09/20205.300
27/08/20206491KUMPULAN FIMA0.09005.55614/09/20201.620
27/08/20207034THONG GUAN INDUS0.09000.42618/09/20204.700
28/08/20200186PERAK TRANSIT0.00253.77415/09/20200.265
28/08/20202852CAHYA MATA S'WAK0.0300N/A17/09/20201.720
28/08/20205065ORNAPAPER BHD0.03002.25215/09/20201.110
28/08/20209199LYSAGHT G.STEEL0.05003.33315/09/20202.100

Ex-Date: It's the deadline to be eligible for Dividends. All shares bought on the Ex-Date no longer have the right to receive the declared dividends. In other words, you have to hop on the dividend brookstick before this date or else it will fly away without you.


*Last Price as of 31st July 2020
**Entitlements last updated 4th August 2020.
**Entitlement details sourced from Bursa Malaysia.
**Dividend Yield sourced from Bloomberg.

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