You asked... We delivered! 

Tick, Trade, Rebate!

In a survey conducted mid 2020, Rakuten Trade clients aka RakuRangers asked us to explore expanding the value of RT Points to include using it on brokerage fees. Receive 1 x RT Point whenever you trade and then use them to *drumroll* PAY FOR BROKERAGE! 1 RT = RM 0.01 brokerage fee offset.

After market closes, we'll automatically cross check the eligibility of the order and provide the rebate according to RT points you have available.  To pay your brokerage fee using RT Points, you MUST OPT FOR Brokerage Rebate at your BUY or SELL Order Pad. If you don't click this option, you won't be eleigible for the brokerage offset.  

​​​​​​​ Just remember, TICK, TRADE, REBATE! (subject to available RT Points).  (1) TICK - Opt in for a brokerage rebate on your Buy or Sell Order Pad.  (2) TRADE - Trade as usual. (3) REBATE - Brokerage rebate* will be credited to your account by end of trading day (subject to Day Trade & RT Points balance).


P.S: You're still required to pay clearing fee, stamp duty and sales and service tax (SST) on all successfully matched buy or sell trades irrespective of if a brokerage rebate is applied. 

Use RT Points To Get 

Brokerage FREE Trades


RT Points coins

     Be Eligible
TICK Brokerage Rebate during order placement process to get the rebate.  Must be for a NEW (Buy or Sell) order.
- Includes DAY Trades but not for "Assisted Trade" service, force-sell and Good-till-date (GTD) trades. 
- Successfully matched order (all or partially matched status order). 
- Rebates for successful RakuMargin trades will be credited into your Cash Upfront or Contra Account at the end of the trading day. 
- Brokerage rebate is only applicable for MYR settlement. However, you’ll still earn RT Points if you trade in USD (USD1 = 1 RT point) or HKD (HKD 2= 1 RT Point). 
- All RT points will expire at 11:59pm (GMT +8).
- If you wish to utilize your RT Points on US market trades (in MYR settlement), please perform the trade one day before to avoid expiration of points as we the processing of requests are done after market close.

Calculating Your Rebate

​​​​​​​The Calculation is based on available RT Points. 
1. If there's insufficient RT Points, you'll need to pay the remaining brokerage from your available funds. 
2. Rebate is calculated post amalgamation. 
3. If there's multiple successful buy and sell orders for the same counter on the same day, the brokerage rebate will apply after the amalgamation of the contract at the end of trading day. 
​​​​​​​4. "first in - first out (FIFO)" principle will be used to determine the rebate amount on the amalgamated trades.
*T&C Apply

Brokerage Rebates


Laptop with simulation cube

Scenario 1: You buy Stock A multiple times in one day, and one order was successfully matched. At the end of trading day, system will calculate your Stock A brokerage (post amalgamation). As you didn't tick for a Brokerage Rebate and your order was matched, hence you aren't eligible for a brokerage rebate. 

Scenario 2: You buy Stock A multiple times on the same day and two orders for the same counter were successfully matched. You opted for a "Brokerage Rebate" ("Use RT Point" = Yes) when placing one of your succesfully matched order. Your total brokerage fee for Stock A will be credited back into your account (by deducting your RT Points) by the end of trading day (subject to available RT Points balance). In the event you have insufficient balance of RT Points, the brokerage will be paid using available cash funds in your account. 

Scenario 2: You buy and sell Stock A on the same day (multiple times), the value will be amalgamated separately for Buy and Sell. 

In this scenario, there is one successfully matched order and you've opt for "Brokerage Rebate" (Use RT Points = Yes). The brokerage on the same stock on the same day will be amalgamated and the Brokerage will be accredited back into your account by end of trading day (your RT Points will be deducted accordingly). 

When you sell Stock A multiple times in a day, and there's no successfully matched order (and you did not opt for Brokerage Rebate), your order will not be eligible for a brokerage rebate. 

T&C Apply.