Rakuten Trade is committed to conducting its business and operations premised on the concepts of transparency, integrity and accountability, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations while adopting the highest standards of professionalism, honesty, integrity and ethics.

In line with this vision, Rakuten Trade has put in place a Whistleblowing Framework for the reporting of any concerns made in good faith about behaviour, conduct, practice, deeds and/or omissions that might be either unlawful or irregular (collectively called “Malpractice”) within Rakuten Trade, by any employee of Rakuten Trade without fear of reprisal.

This Framework sets out the channels and procedures for the reporting of any Malpractice and the protection accorded to Rakuten Trade staff having reported any concern.

Rakuten Trade, its Board of Directors, Senior Management and employees is committed to ensure that all its businesses and operations are conducted lawfully, ethically and with integrity. We take zero tolerance to all forms of bribery, fraud and corruption. Similarly, Rakuten Trade expects the same commitment from all business associates and relevant parties. Rakuten Trade’s Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy is our expression of this commitment and policy. Any party with knowledge of breach of this policy must report such matter via https://www.rakutentrade.my/whistleblowing

Who can whistleblow?

Any employee, business associates and relevant parties that deals with Rakuten Trade.

Whom can the whistle be blown over?

i)  Any employee within Rakuten Trade

ii) Any party or person providing services to or having a business relationship with Rakuten Trade

Types of Malpractice that may be reported on

i)   General malpractice 

ii)  Unlawful or illegal conduct, criminal offence or miscarriage of justice 

Un-procedural or unethical conduct/act 

iii) Conflict of interest in business dealing with external parties or involvement in prohibited activities 

iv) Any attempt to conceal or suppress information relating to the above

Safeguards Accorded

Subject to the conditions stipulated in the Rakuten Trade Whistleblowing Policy (“the Policy”), employees of Rakuten Trade having reported a concern in good faith with reasonable grounds to believe that the Malpractice reported on is true, shall be accorded certain safeguards under the Policy. To the extent permitted by law, the safeguards comprise: 

i)   Protection from retaliation

ii)  Exemption from adverse employment action

iii) Confidentiality of identity

If the reporting proves to be malicious, the Whistleblower may be subject to loss of safeguards provided under the policy, internal disciplinary action, dismissal, criminal prosecution and/or civil liability.

​​​​​​​Reporting a Malpractice / Concern

All General Concerns (other than concerns over the Designated Officer ("DO") and/or Managing Director ("MD") and/or any employees within their division/office). If you are aware of a malpractice, you may make a disclosure by submitting the form via email to ​​​​​​​do.whistleblowing@rakutentrade.my​​​​​​​