Rakuten Trade Enhances U.S. Trading Service With Foreign Currency Facility

Rakuten Trade introduces further enhancements to U.S Trading Services with the new Foreign Currency Facility that enables trades in both MYR and USD.

Rakuten Trade Revamps Rewards Program Based on Changing Digital Investor Behavior

A revamped Rewards Eco System to better cater to the changing digital investment landscape and investor behaviour

Rakuten Trade Gears Up for 5th Anniversary

With plans for enhanced trading features and a strengthened leadership team 

Rakuten Trade Launches US Share Trading Service

Available through its Next Gen Cash Upfront Account and at the same low brokerage.

Rakuten Trade Ups Ante on Its Rewards’ Ecosystem

Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd (Rakuten Trade) has recently amplified its Rewards Program to meet the appetite for more cost-effective trading.